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Meditation and harmony of the energy, India

Asanas, which we perform every day, are specialised for each individual organ, but for the most part they focus on the digestive tract and stomach. Because, as the Indians say, "stomach is the king,". A weak digestive system poisons the rest of the body. In addition, there are a lot of exercises which support concentrations of breath, tensioning and loosening of individual muscle groups. Interestingly, eyeball exercises are undervalued in our culture. It turns out that daily exercise can effectively sustain the vision, and with a very intense workout, coordinated by a professional, vision defects can move back up to two diopters. Time ashram passes very quickly, apart from yoga exercises which surprises is every day and borders on nature and science. In the morning before our exercise we chew herbs that cleanse the sinus, nose, throat and oesophagus. They also work on cleansing the stomach. After breakfast, we got thin Neem tree twigs, which I was told to chew and to brush my gums and teeth using the protruding fibers. It turns out this tree has magical properties for both the teeth and gums, antibacterial, anti fungal, whitening. The taste is bitter, but quite quickly breaks intense aroma of camphor, which makes it quite enjoyable like chewing grass as a pastime when you were a child. If you eat three leaves of this tree on an empty stomach, it regulates your metabolism. Of course, I will pack a small twig in my luggage. I will also pack a few seeds, they grow well in large pots and because of his intense smell repel all kinds of insects. In addition, between classes, we went with Papa and a group from Malaysia to the nearby holy places of power. They sit in small caves underground for 100 years or more. The Shiddows, who after intensive doing good in the world decided to devote themselves to meditation. Scientists have tried to get closer to these places with special equipment to see if there is life. According to local people, there is a mysterious source of energy and signs of life there. We made friends with our Malaysian colleagues (Indians living in Malaysia), most of whom work in the petroleum and gas industry. Generally, very humble people. One evening Papa invited us 3 people to meditate in front of us, including our colleague actor, who really did well. The locals moved their eyes around until you could see a thin strip of protein, all while with their eyes open. Our Maciek was not worse after blinking several times, he also widened his protein to the surface and froze. After 15 minutes, Papa said enough. The gentlemen stood up, and Papa with our master (our teacher conducting yoga classes) flashed a light on the stone floor to see if there is any sweat or water vapor. It turns out that if someone meditates well, there should be no signs of effort on the floor. If it requires effort, there will be a wet spot on the floor. The oldest and probably most experienced on. He was about 50 and a vegan for 18 years who left the floor completely dry. The wet stain does not mean that you have to stop meditating. It just means that you need practice and needs to elongate your sessions every time. The art of meditation according to my understanding of the subject, consists of full concentration and mastery of the brain, which manages the rest. One should focus on capturing the internal light in our head, which is in the pineal gland. This is the so-called third eye. The disconnection of our consciousness from the rest of the body is achieved by appropriately trained breath, combined with the subtle work of the relevant muscle groups. I do not want to go into details here because I am not writing a guide about it. It is also a very individual matter. People react differently to certain activities and phenomena. It gives us a full understanding of your body, the power management. Unlike what happens for the majority of Westerners, the body manages the brain. How to achieve the level at which we begin to feel the harmony of the energy of the body and mind? First, give up all kinds of drugs, alcohol, nicotine, meat, fish, dairy products which block the energy channels and make meditation practice difficult. Second, practice yoga, pranayama, and meditation. But how do you live without all the pleasures that we all like so much? It turns out that it is possible. A fit mind and graceful body give so much pleasure, especially for people who have already crossed the halfway point of their lives. When we are young and we party and endure it all the same, but those of us who find our life balance before, even in their 30s - have a chance to keep fit for a long time, but, those who do not change will see their quality life slip down. Moving on to my question in the beginning, why people are so eager to come back to India? Well, a trip to a luxury resort closed in India, unfortunately, gives little, because you might as well go to Egypt or another country to spend time in a standardized luxury hotel and feel nothing. Full commerce, which interlaces with luxury and pervasive poverty does not leave the best impression after which one does not want to return. The approach to poverty is changing. In many cases, begging is a matter of choice. No one will go hungry as there are always care centers in ashrams. Today early in the morning I ran around Arunachala (the fourth time, tomorrow I'll do it again :) on the route I saw a truck with a large container of food, everyone who camped around the mountain got a large portion of food. On the other hand, the openness and sincerity of the people which we meet, allows us to open up a little bit and see what is most important to us. Indians about us, Western people, say that in our countries everywhere we clean. But, unfortunately, we have a dirty heart. For them, the opposite is true, everything is dirty, but their hearts are pure. Hanging out in various ashrams, places of power, performing regular Assan, exercising the breath, and finally, meditation allows you to be near and even achieve a state in which you begin to understand your body. The body, which often prior to arrival in a place like this acts as a scratchy orchestra, conductor, or the brain, plays its own tune and is the main soloist, the heart plays by itself, and each individual instrument, just like our organs, play on a different note. This unsynchronized orchestra It sounds weak, just like our body does not give you the joy of life, when it is not set correctly. If someone goes to India to adjust their orchestra, he has a clean heart, and is open to people, is likely to achieve this goal. Asthma namaskar. I bow to God, who is in you



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